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Law Practice Management: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
3 Common Trust Account Mistakes That Lawyers...
Mismanaging a trust account can have terrible consequences on a lawyer's career, even sometimes to the point of disbarment. Yet law schools do an abysmal job of training law students on how to handle an IOLTA trust account. Outside of discussing the subject at a theoretical level one day in a law school ethics class, most attorneys receive little or no training on how to manage a trust account before opening their first trust account at a bank.
Best iPad Apps for Lawyers and Law Firms
Among attorneys using the iPad in their law practices, a number of applications (apps) have emerged as the top iPad apps for lawyers. While some use these apps as part of developing a paperless law office, others use them simply as tools for enabling them to do more of their work remotely or while sitting in a courtroom.
What is Avvo and the Avvo Lawyer Ranking System
What is Avvo and the Avvo Lawyer Ranking System? Are you using Avvo to market your law practice? Do you know what your Avvo ranking is?
4 Books Every New Lawyer Should Read
New lawyers and law students are often looking for guidance on what to do once they are finally licensed to practice law. The following books are on my recommended reading list for young lawyers or law students, which also happen to be good gifts for lawyers too.
Should Lawyers Work Over Thanksgiving Weekend?
If you have not made your billables, brought in enough business, made partner, or distinguished yourself in some meaningful and very good way at your law firm this year, you might want to give some thought to your plans for the fourth Thursday in November. Giving thanks can take on a whole new meaning when you are a lawyer trying to make it big.
5 Reasons Lawyers Hate Avvo - Criticisms of...
Many lawyers hate Avvo, some even to the point of filing lawsuits against the company. Most of the reasons some lawyers hate Avvo are related to the lack of control over some of the information publicized about the attorneys on their Avvo profile. Interested in learning more about why some lawyers hate Avvo? Take a look at our list of 5 reasons lawyers hate Avvo to find out the issues making some lawyers angry.
Common Mistakes Lawyers Make When Sending Emails
Lawyers, like everyone else, make mistakes in how they use email. Some email mistakes become horror stories, while others are just embarrassing. The following are nine common mistakes that attorneys make when writing and sending emails
Legal Outsourcing - What is Legal Outsourcing?
One of the growing trends in the legal profession is the outsourcing of legal services through legal process outsourcing (LPO) companies. Whether using the low-cost services of lawyers in India, hiring legal research firms, or using contract attorneys to handle temporary legal projects, a significant amount of legal work is now being performed by someone other than the attorney who was actually hired to do it. Sometimes the American lawyer is bypassed entirely.
Lawyer Time Management - 3 Essential Tips for...
Time management for lawyers is one of the most difficult tasks in a busy law practice. Many attorneys are reluctant to consider developing a time management plan, as if it is somehow beneath them. However, having an efficient law practice and a good work/life balance doesn't happen by accident. Smart attorneys implement some kind of time management program into their law practices so they can be better at their jobs while also spending more time doing what they enjoy.
Is Thanksgiving Killing Your Law Practice?
Your clients are at the mall, your staff is on vacation. Can lawyers make any money at all during Thanksgiving week?
Should You Put One Space or Two Spaces After...
One space or two spaces after the period in legal documents - which is correct? Lawyers who like to get worked up over unimportant issues often grow contentious in their opinions over whether to put one space or two spaces after the period in legal documents. Many lawyers are sharply divided on this issue, with opinions often breaking along generational lines based on when the lawyer originally learned how to type.
How the Nigerian Scam is Used on Lawyers
Email scams are a constant problem, and attorneys are not immune from the risk of being conned. Some of the biggest law firms in the country have been suckered into writing trust account checks or wiring money to bank accounts based on funds they thought had cleared their trust accounts, only to later learn that the check deposited with the law firm was a forgery.
How Facebook and Twitter Could Affect Your Jury...
The rapid growth of social media and online networking has had a significant impact in the courtroom, particularly in regard to jurors. Some jurors have triggered mistrials and new trials as a result of inappropriate social media activity during trials. A few jurors have even faced charges of contempt of court for their posts and activities on Facebook or Twitter during trials.
Are Boutique Law Firms the Future of the Legal...
Boutique law firms, where the attorneys all specialize in one niche area of practice, may be the future of the legal profession. While most midsize and large law firms have structured themselves to offer a broad range of services, a growing number of lawyers are setting up boutique law practices. These new firms are choosing to focus the work of the entire firm on one area of the law rather than try to maintain the general practice culture of the big law firms.
What is Avvo and the Avvo Lawyer Ranking System...
Despite the criticisms of Avvo, they have quickly grown into one of the top services for finding information about lawyers, and this would not have happened without the participation of thousands of attorneys across the country. In particular, Avvo has been praised for providing a level of transparency in the legal profession that has not previously existed. For example, if a lawyer has been disciplined by the state bar association, that information is posted prominently on the lawyer's profile. Page 2.
Law Firm Newsletter Tips - 6 Tips for Creating...
Law firm newsletters are a popular marketing tool among lawyers. A newsletter can be a great way to demonstrate expertise in an area of law, which is a very effective way to attract clients in the targeted specialty area. However, if done poorly, a law firm newsletter could drive away more business than it generates.
10 Website Mistakes Made by Attorneys
There are a number of mistakes commonly made by lawyers in designing their websites. In fact, the original draft of this list shot well past 20 mistakes before it became apparent that everything could not be covered in one article. With that in mind, the following is a list of the Top 10 mistakes lawyers make with their websites - with the caveat that reviews of more attorney website design errors are still to come.
5 Bad Clients to Avoid Representing
One of the best ways to maintain good relationships with clients is to avoid the bad clients in the first place. There are certain types of people that smart lawyers have learned to avoid representing whenever possible. This doesn't necessarily mean turning down cases where the lawyer disapproves of what the client did. The practice of law often involves representing people who have done really bad things, and some of those people can actually be great clients.
How to Raise or Improve Your Avvo Rating
Are you satisfied with your Avvo rating, or would you like to see your Avvo score increase and improve? One of the biggest reasons some lawyers dislike Avvo is that it gave them a lower ranking, but with a little effort most of those attorneys could significantly raise their Avvo rating. As I've found in my own law practice, Avvo can be a significant source of new client income. Here are some tips on improving your Avvo rating.
Alabama Statewide Bar Association Directory
This directory lists Alabama Bar Associations representing the interests of groups in the legal profession across the State of Alabama. To find Alabama bar associations for a city, county, or region, see our Alabama local bar associations directory.
Legal Form Automation
Legal form automation is a great way to improve the efficiency of your law practice, allowing you to create documents faster and with fewer errors.
The Virtual Law Office (VLO)
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >A growing trend
Local California Bar Associations Directory
This directory lists local California Bar Associations by city, county, or region in California. To find California bar associations representing the interests of legal groups across the State of California, see our California Statewide Bar Association directory.
Legal Outsourcing Services Directory
Legal outsourcing, also called legal process outsourcing (LPO), is where a law firm outsources legal research projects to an outside company, often in India. The following directory lists some of the more popular legal outsourcing companies.
4 Steps to Becoming Recognized as the Expert in...
Establishing yourself as the legal expert in your area of specialization is one of the best ways to market your law practice. Many attorneys overlook the importance of becoming established and recognized as a legal expert in their field of specialization. Yet marketing your expertise can be one of the most effective ways to market yourself as a lawyer, and it is generally one of the more affordable ways to market your law practice too.
Sample Lawyer Email Scams - Examples of...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >The following
Protecting Client Data From Your Own Employees
When law firms implement measures to protect client data, they usually focus on threats from the outside. They install security systems in the building, lock files in secure fireproof file cabinets, encrypt and password-protect data on their servers, and take other steps to protect client files. But what about threats from within? The greatest threat to client data sometimes comes from the firm's own employees.
Credit Card Processing for Lawyers
What options are available for attorneys who want to accept credit cards in their law practices? Some lawyers use companies whose programs are specifically designed for attorneys and are endorsed by bar associations, while others prefer to use standard credit card processing services available to anyone. The following are some of the credit card processing options that are popular among lawyers.
5 Reasons Lawyers Love Avvo - Why Do Some...
Lawyers who love using Avvo do so for a number of reasons. Most of those reasons revolve around Avvo's ability to generate new business for the law firm. To learn more about the top 5 reasons lawyers love Avvo, check out our list below.
How to Deduct Medical Bills as Business...
How to deduct medical bills as business expenses at your law firm.
Legal Research System Reviews - User Reviews of...
What makes the legal research system you use the best for practicing law? Which legal research software
Google Scholar - Guide Review of Google Scholar...
A review of Google Scholar is essential for lawyers choosing a legal research tool or service for their law practices. Although some attorneys have scoffed at the idea of Google Scholar ever replacing traditional high-priced services such as Westlaw or LexisNexis, many lawyers are starting to use their free legal research database as the starting point in their legal research projects.
Dropbox for Lawyers - Guide Review of Dropbox...
Are you using Dropbox in your law practice? If not, it is time you signed up for a free account and tried out their system. Whether being used by lawyers to carry their client files to court as electronic files on an iPad, or merely to share documents among computers and staff, Dropbox is an essential tool for the modern law firm.
Arizona Statewide Bar Association Directory
This directory lists Arizona Bar Associations representing the interests of groups in the legal profession across the State of Arizona. To find Arizona bar associations for a city, county, or region, see our Arizona local bar associations directory.
Online Law Practice Management Software
Online law practice management software is often called cloud software because the user accesses it on the internet rather than installing it on the law firm's own server. While some lawyers are nervous about entrusting all their client data to a third party who could (at least in theory) vanish and/or go out of business at any time, other attorneys have embraced web-based technology as a way to streamline their practices and to enable remote access to their data from anywhere.
Connecticut Local Bar Associations Directory
This directory lists local Connecticut Bar Associations by city, county, or region in Connecticut. To find Connecticut bar associations representing the interests of legal groups across the State of Connecticut, see our Connecticut Statewide Bar Association Directory.
Style Guides for Lawyers beyond the Bluebook
Lawyers and their staffs look beyond the Bluebook to style guides to help them write with verve, wit, and style for any audience
Office Security in a Time of Terror
Random acts of violence, deliberate acts of terror, or intentional bad deeds can befall any professional or business. Practical suggestions for dealing with worst-case scenarios at a law firm.
How to Get Clients
The reality for small-firm lawyers is that they only get to practice law for part of the day. A good amount of time needs to be spent constantly finding new business. Here are some ways to market yourself and your firm without busting the budget.
How to Become a Media Source for Legal News...
Becoming a media source for legal news articles in magazines, newspapers, and other publications is one of the most effective ways to establish yourself as an expert in your area of law practice. Learn how to get your name in front of journalists so that you can be referenced as a legal expert in articles about your area of law practice.
Dislike Your Supervising Attorney?
Clashing with your managing partner? Tired of receiving negative feedback on your legal memos? Feel like you just can't do anything right? Learn how to manage your relationship with your supervising attorney.
How to Fight a Legal Grievance
Should a lawyer accused of a disciplinary violation represent herself?
Examples of Nigerian Scams Targeting Lawyers -...
Page 2 of our collection of Nigerian scam emails being sent to lawyers around the country.
LinkedIn Groups for Lawyers
While many attorneys have LinkedIn profiles, many of them have not realized the value of joining various LinkedIn groups for lawyers. Lawyer LinkedIn groups provide a way to stay abreast of legal trends around the country in your area of practice, as well as giving you a way of getting to know attorneys who you would otherwise probably never meet. The following is a list of recommended LinkedIn groups for lawyers:
Get Your Fees Now
How to pursue a deadbeat client calmly and effectively
Connecticut Statewide Bar Associations Directory
This directory lists Connecticut Bar Associations representing the interests of groups in the legal profession across the State of Connecticut. To find Connecticut bar associations for a city, county, or region, see our Connecticut local bar associations directory.
Develop Long-Range Plans that Include Talent
Grow too slowly and watch receipts trickle in; grow too fast and see costs skyrocket. What is the best way for a small law firm to move forward successfully? The fifth piece in a series on how small law firms can perform better.
Document Assembly in Law Practice Management...
Document assembly to automate your legal forms is now available through several law practice management software systems. The following are some of the more popular systems being used.
Appellate Law Practice Blogs (Blawgs)
With legal writing being the core of appellate law practice, it is surprising how few appellate lawyers blog about writing appeals. While there are fewer good blogs (sometimes called “blawgs” in the legal community) about appeals than there are in other law practice specialties, some blogs on appellate practice and procedure are worth reading. A few of the better appellate law blogs are listed below:
7 Law Firm Marketing Fails
If you are going to market your law firm at all, do it well. Skip these common missteps.
Law Firm Newsletters - How to Create a Digital...
Law firm newsletters using page-flip technology may become the new trend in law practice marketing. Using digital publishing technology normally used for the digital edition of magazines, law firms can create an impressive digital newsletter that is more interesting and enjoyable to read.
Confused by the Cloud? Tips for Choosing a...
About.com talks to Legal Workspace Founder and CEO Joe Kelly about how lawyers and others in the legal field can shift from server to cloud
How Teaching Can Help Your Legal Career
Serving as an adjunct instructor brings career rewards you never anticipated.
Failed the Bar Exam? Next Steps
Failing the bar exam on the first go-round is a ginormous career setback, incredibly embarrassing, and a blow to your ego. Get over it, get up, and take that test again. How to become a second-timer with zeal.
Write a Legal Book to Bolster Your Career
Lawyers are strong communicators, excellent researchers, and capable writers. Publishing a book enhances their credibility.
The Creative Coupling of Rocket Lawyer and ABA
An interesting collaboration between the American Bar Association and online legal services platform Rocket Lawyer makes legal services more accessible to small businesses. Why the entire legal industry should take note.
A Considered Career in Gaming Law: Profile of...
Gaming lawyer Joseph M. Kelly talks about a niche practice area and networking
Facebook Pages Lawyers Should Like
Lawyers contemplating a foray onto Facebook might first consider what their competition is doing or figure out what Facebook can do for them
How to Be a Frugal Lawyer
Tips for ratcheting back those overhead costs slowly. You're not being cheap; you're just cost-effective.
Security Expert Witnesses Directory
Directory of security expert witnesses available to testify or consult with attorneys on litigation cases.
Why Compliance Is a Hot Practice Area
An area of opportunity for lawyers and nonlawyers involves compliance, the means by which regulated entities adhere to statutes and regulations
Should I Represent Bad Guys?
Lawyers have to learn how to work with clients who have done bad things. Here’s how.
Vetting Judges—Do Your Due Diligence...
How to gather intel on any judge you are slated to appear before
Overcome a Legal Career Setback
No matter who you are or how winning your record, your career will experience a setback. Learn how to deal with career adversity.
Will a Grievance End a Legal Career?
Can a legal career survive a disciplinary action? If so, how?
What Do Compliance Lawyers Do?
Even though compliance is a hot practice area, is there enough work for the lawyers, consultants, and publishers involved in the field?
Lawyer and Staff Vacation Scheduling: Policy...
While law firm vacation policies may be straightforward, scheduling time off and providing coverage can cause headaches for law office managers
How Small Law Firms Can Cut Costs
With competition circling (think Internet startups and BigLaw discounts), small law firms need to embrace unconventional means to stay in the game. The fourth piece in a series on how small law firms can perform better.
Lawyers, Make the Most of Market Unrest
As competitors encroach, as the lawyer glut lingers, and as wobbling markets make just about anyone jittery, what's a lawyer to do?
How to Bluebook
You may have gotten that paralegal certificate, sailed through three years of law school, passed the bar exam on the first try — but when your supervising attorney asks you to Bluebook a document, will you know what to do?
7 Spring-Cleaning Ideas for Your Law Office
Spring cleaning ideas for lawyers so they can freshen their work area, declutter their offices, and welcome new clients
Arizona Local Bar Associations Directory
This directory lists local Arizona Bar Associations by city, county, or region. To find Arizona bar associations representing the interests of legal groups across the State of Arizona, see our Arizona Statewide Bar Association directory.
The Takeaway from the Dewey Mistrial
If one of BigLaw's finest could close its doors, declare bankruptcy, and see criminal charges brought against its leaders, so could you. What to do to avoid Dewey & Leboeuf's fate.
Advancing Tribal Interests in a Law Practice:...
Advancing Tribal Interests in a Law Practice: Gabriel Galanda of Seattle Talks about Starting a Boutique in the Age of Social Media
Nerino J. Petro - Practice Management Advisor,...
Nerino J. Petro, Jr., is the Practice Management Advisor for the Law Office Management Assistance program of the State Bar of Wisconsin. He graduated from Northern Illinois University College of Law in 1988, and since that time he has worked with technology service providers in imaging, hardware, and software. He is a former practicing attorney who also formed a company which provided technology consulting to other lawyers.
Paralegals Gone Wild
Recent episodes of bad paralegal behavior by seemingly trustworthy employees should inspire lawyers to take steps to make sure their own practices are protected from internal evildoers. Here’s how.
Colorado Local Bar Associations Directory
This directory lists local Colorado Bar Associations by city, county, or region in Colorado. To find Colorado bar associations representing the interests of legal groups across the State of Colorado, see our Colorado Statewide Bar Association Directory.
Use Rhetoric Like It’s a Good Thing
As a lawyer, consider offbeat ways that you can use language and motion to draw in clients and soothe them, battle their adversaries, and persuade their judges to rule in their favor.
When Business Is Slow
Steps lawyers can take when business is slow
California Statewide Bar Association Directory
This directory lists California Bar Associations representing the interests of groups in the legal profession across the State of California. To find California bar associations for a city, county, or region, see our California local bar associations directory.
A Side Gig that Enhances a Law Practice:...
One way to add zest to a routine legal practice is to take on a side gig in publishing that strengthens skills and provides extra income.
National Bar Associations
National bar associations provide attorneys with opportunities for networking and training with the best lawyers in the country in their area of specialization. The following directory of national bar associations provides contact information for specialty bar associations in range of areas of practice. For information on bar associations in your particular state, visit our state and local bar associations directory.
Profile of LexisNexis
Profile of LexisNexis. Law Practice Management.
Alabama Local Bar Association Directory
This directory lists local Alabama Bar Associations by city, county, or region in Alabama. To find Alabama bar associations representing the interests of legal groups across the State of Alabama, see our Alabama Statewide Bar Association directory.
Compensate and Incentivize Lawyers and Staff
Which partner is getting too much money? Who is not getting enough? Compensation and incentivization tips that drive ambition. The third piece in a series on how small law firms can perform better.
Why Choose a Small Law Firm
Small law firms can woo both clients and practitioners even without the resources and perks of BigLaw. The second piece in a series on how small law firms can perform better.
Florida Local Bar Associations (H-O)
This directory lists local Florida Bar Associations by city, county, or region in Florida. Due to the large number of local attorney groups in Florida, this directory has been broken into smaller groups alphabetically, with this list covering groups H-O. To find Florida bar associations representing the interests of legal groups across the State of Florida, see our Florida Statewide Bar Association directory.
Have You Thanked Your Paralegal Today?
Demonstrate appreciation of paralegals by thanking them and take other measures to foster their engagement
Reject a Job Applicant, Gain a Client
Why you need to create a good impression of your law firm even when rejecting a job applicant

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