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Sample Lawyer Email Scams - Examples of Nigerian Scams Targeting Lawyers

Don't Fall for these scam emails being sent to law firms


The following is a collection of some of the "Nigerian Scam" emails being sent to lawyers around the country. While this may appear to be an obvious scam to some readers, many attorneys have been successfully conned into depositing forged checks into their trust accounts and then wiring the funds to overseas clients before learning that the check was a forgery.

To learn how the scam is used on lawyers, read our article on How the Nigerian Scam is Used on Lawyers. To see some examples of how the scam starts, take a look at some of the sample emails below, which are some of the actual emails being used to bilk lawyers out of trust funds. Note that the names and addresses of the fake clients have been removed because sometimes the scammers impersona te real individuals or corporations. I have also preserved the grammatical errors of the original emails.

Lawyer Scam Email Version 1 - The Overseas Corporation Collection Account

Dear Counselor:

My Name is (Japanese Name), President of (Japanese Company Name). (Company) is a special steel manufacturing company in Japan, located at (address of company being impersonated). We have a claim against a company in your country for breach of contract.

We seek legal counsel to assist in collecting funds owed us from this customer. We believe that by retaining local counsel in our company, this customer will pay us sums owed in order to avoid litigation. We stand ready to provide all supporting documents to substantiate our case for settlement or litigation purposes. Should you wish to pursue this matter with us, please send your retainer agreement with a schedule of fees and any other information that you deem necessary by return e-mail.

P.S. If  you are  unable to represent our company, please be so kind as to refer us to a reputable firm or individual practitioner that will be able to assist us.  Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter. May I expect to hear from you shortly.



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