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Legal Research Tools

A directory of legal research tools and reviews of various legal research services available to lawyers.

Google Scholar - Guide Review of Google Scholar as a Legal Research Tool
A review of Google Scholar is essential for lawyers choosing a legal research tool or service for their law practices. Although some attorneys have scoffed at the idea of Google Scholar ever replacing traditional high-priced services such as Westlaw or LexisNexis, many lawyers are starting to use their free legal research database as the...

Legal Research System Reviews - User Reviews of Legal Research Software Tools
What makes the legal research system you use the best for practicing law? Which legal research software have you used that you think others should avoid? Share your opinion about the strengths and weaknesses of the legal research tools you have tried by posting a user review. The following list is a directory of the legal research tools that...

What is Your Favorite Legal Research Software Tool? Vote in our Poll.
Vote in the About.com Law Practice Management poll for your favorite legal research software product.

Fastcase Reviews: User Reviews of Fastcase Legal Research Software
Fastcase calls itself the smarter alternative to legal research. Their price is affordable, but do they provide enough for what they charge? Find out what other lawyers think about using Fastcase as their legal research provider, or write your own user review of Fastcase to share with other lawyers.

Casemaker Reviews: User Reviews of Casemaker Legal Research Software
Over half of the state bar associations in the United States provide Casemaker access to their bar association members, making it a widely used legal research tool. Many lawyers use Casemaker exclusively, while others still subscribe to Westlaw, Lexis, or other legal research service providers. Are lawyers failing to appreciate everything...

TheLaw.net Review: User Reviews of TheLaw.net Legal Research Software
TheLaw.net is one of the most aggressively marketed legal research programs outside of the big two (Westlaw and Lexis), but does the product live up to the hype? Find out what other lawyers think about TheLaw.net as a legal research tool by reading our reader reviews, or write your own review of TheLaw.net to share with other attorneys. See...See submissions

Lexis Review: User Reviews of LexisNexis Legal Research Software
LexisNexis is one of the largest legal research companies with a vast array of research data services, but are they a good value for the price they charge? Find out what other lawyers think about LexisNexis legal research software tools by reading our Lexis user reviews, or write your own user review of LexisNexis to share with other attorneys.

Westlaw Review: User Reviews of Westlaw Legal Research Software
Westlaw is one of the largest legal research software companies, but are they the best? While they have a large database and offer a wide range of products, they are also one of the most expensive legal research companies. Are they worth the price? Find out what other lawyers have to say about Thompson West Publishing and the Westlaw legal...

Loislaw Reviews: User Reviews of Loislaw Legal Research Software
Offering a variety of subscription options, Loislaw is an alternative to the expensive subscription systems offered by systems such as Westlaw and LexisNexis. Is Loislaw a good value for the price they charge? How does their legal research tool stack up against other systems? See what other lawyers think about Loislaw, or write your own review...

VersusLaw Reviews: User Reviews of VersusLaw Legal Research Software
VersusLaw is one of the lowest priced legal research tools on the market, and even greater discounts are available through membership in certain practice groups. But how does the VersusLaw service compare to other systems? Find out what other lawyers have to say about using VersusLaw for their legal research, or write your own user review of......See submissions

Google Scholar Reviews: User Reviews of Google Scholar Legal Research Software
Google Scholar offers a free legal research tool which has become very popular among lawyers. Will it bring about the downfall of subscription legal research services, or does Google Scholar have too many limitations to replace professional legal research software? Read what other attorneys think about using Google Scholar for legal research,......See submissions

Profile of LexisNexis
Profile of LexisNexis.

Who Did We Leave Out? User Reviews of Alternative Legal Research Methods
Who was left out in our list of legal research tools that readers could review? Tell us about the alternative legal research methods you recommend (or don't recommend) for lawyers. If you do not see the legal research software you want to review listed in our directory, you can use this page to write your own review of a system we did not... See...See submissions

Legal Outsourcing Services Directory
Legal outsourcing, also called legal process outsourcing (LPO), is where a law firm outsources legal research projects to an outside company, often in India. The following directory lists some of the more popular legal outsourcing companies.

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