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Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility addresses ethical issues lawyers deal with in their law practices. Attorney ethics issues covered include the Rules of Professional Conduct, pro bono work, lawyer charities, unauthorized practice of law, bar complaints, and other ethical problems faced by attorneys.
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3 Common Lawyer Trust Account (IOLTA) Mistakes
Mismanaging a trust account can have terrible consequences on a lawyer's career, even sometimes to the point of disbarment. Yet law schools do an abysmal job of training law students on how to handle an IOLTA trust account. While there are many ways that trust accounts are mismanaged, there are three common mistakes lawyers make in managing...

Choking the Prosecutor Won't Get You a Continuance
While it is rare for attorney conflicts to erupt into physical fights, it is not uncommon for attorneys to deal with each other in a manner that would be considered rude and unprofessional in any other occupation. Read this blog post about what happens when attorney conflicts get out of hand, and how to prevent this from happening at your firm.

Should Big Law Firms be Given a Waiver of the Rules of Professional Conduct?
Should the Rules of Professional Responsibility dealing with lawyer ethical issues be waived for Big Law firms representing corporate clients? That is the essence of a proposal made to the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20 by the Law Firm General Counsel Roundtable, a group representing the interests of large law firms that represent multinational clients. Read our blog post about this controversial issue.

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