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Legal Career Issues

Legal Career Issues are the quality of life issues affecting lawyers in their professional development. Work/life balance, lawyer burnout, changing jobs, alternative careers for lawyers, family issues for attorneys, and other professional and personal concerns that affect a legal career are covered in this section.
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  2. Changing Jobs (3)
  3. Networking for Lawyers (2)
  4. Paralegals (0)
  5. Time Management for Lawyers
  6. Work/Life Balance (7)

Alcoholic Lawyers - What Does It Mean to Hit Rock Bottom?
Alcoholism is a widespread problem in the legal profession. Whether it is the high levels of stress involved in the profession, the number of lawyers who hate their jobs, or just something about law practice that attracts or enables those with substance abuse problems, the alcoholism problem among lawyers is undeniable.

Reader Poll: If You Could Live Your Life Over, Would You Still Become a Lawyer?
If you could go back in time and live your life over, would you still choose to become a lawyer? This is a very basic lawyer career satisfaction question. Let us know your opinion on whether you would still choose a career in the law in our lawyer career choice survey.

Law Schools - About.com Law Schools GuideSite
Visitors to the About.com Law site who are looking for information about attending law school should make sure to visit the About.com Law Schools site. On the Law Schools site, readers will find information on how to choose a law school, how to get into law school, and how to succeed once they are actually enrolled.

Legal Careers - About.com Legal Careers GuideSite
For those visiting the About.com Law site to learn about entering into a law-related career, please make sure to visit About.com's Legal Careers GuideSite. On that site, readers can learn about a variety of career choices in the law, the education and training needed for different legal careers, and other valuable information about entering into a legal career.

Should You Jailbreak Your Law Practice? Blog post on quality of life issues.
Is it time to jailbreak your law practice? Can you turn your legal career into the fulfilling life you really want to lead? Read my blog post on this subject and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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