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Online Law Practice Management Software

Cloud-Based Law Practice Management Tools for Lawyers and Law Firms


Online law practice management software is often called cloud software because the user accesses it on the internet rather than installing it on the law firm's own server. While some lawyers are nervous about entrusting all their client data to a third party, other attorneys have embraced web-based technology as a way to streamline their practices and to enable remote access to their data from anywhere.

Some of the more commonly used systems are listed below. Vote in our Reader's Poll, read our user reviews, or submit your own review.

1. Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter's slogan is "Work smarter. Save time. Bill more." Most users of their system agree they are one of the best in the field of cloud-based law practice management.

2. Clio

Clio is a close competitor with Rocket Matter, offering a similar set of tools designed for solo practitioners and small law firms.

3. Houdini

Houdini Esq claims to be the most cost effective to manage a law practice from anywhere. Unlike most other systems, Houdini Esq is free for solo practitioners, though not if they add access for the attorney's staff.

4. VLOTech

VLOTech, which is now a part of the TotalAttorneys.com web-based practice management platform, provides all basic law office functions in one system accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection.

5. DirectLaw

DirectLaw gives attorneys, as well as clients, online access to client data. It also provides tools for automating some online legal services.

6. Advologix

Advologix uses the slogan "Simplify. Collaborate. Extend." This is an accurate description of what Advologix claims is the most powerful, secure, and reliable law practice management platform.

7. Omega Legal Systems

Omega Legal Systems provides online attorney software for financial management, practice management, and business intelligence.

8. Top Dog Legal

Top Dog Legal Case Management Software provides integrated flat fee billing, hourly billing, MS Word forms integration, and other tools for managing a law firm online.

9. GoMatters

GoMatters provides secure online access to law firm data, contracts, and calendars from anywhere, including the ability to wirelessly sync law office calendars to your phone.

10. MyCase

MyCase describes itself as "Social Practice Management," providing client communication and practice management for the modern law firm. Their system provides shared calendars, document management, billing systems, and other tools needed for managing a law office.

11. Basecamp

Basecamp - though not specifically designed for law firms, many lawyers have adapted Basecamp for use as a law practice management tool.

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