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Document Assembly in Law Practice Management Systems

Using Law Practice Management Systems to Automate Your Legal Documents


Document assembly to automate your legal forms to varying degrees is now available through several law practice management software systems. The following are some of the more popular systems being used. To learn about legal forms automation using software that is not built into a separate law practice management system, read Legal Forms Automation. If you are looking for a complete law practice management solution that includes document assembly, take a look at some of the systems listed below.

  • Rocket Matter. Rocket Matter, an online cloud computing system for law practice management, upgraded their system to include document assembly, unlimited custom fields, and other product improvements. Users now have access to software that can instantly create new legal documents, store them, and bill for them. Their current system works with Microsoft Word documents, though they will add PDF automation at some time in the future.

  • Clio. Another popular cloud computing system that has some limited document assembly functions is Clio. At this time Clio only provides some limited data entry fields, but users have reported that Clio intends to expand this functionality at some future time. Clio does not yet allow full document automation, but does have some limited fields that will merge into documents such as invoices and time sheets. It does not appear to be ready for those looking for a powerful document assembly program at the time of writing this article, but they should be watched for future developments.

  • PracticeMaster. The Premier version of PracticeMaster integrates with Tabs3 and with other tools to automate certain documents in your practice. However, their system appears to be limited to client, case, and contact information, so it is not yet a full document assembly system either.

  • ProLaw. The ProLaw system includes a legal document assembly feature that makes it easy to create custom forms and templates with drag and drop fields. Templates can be developed to merge with information from your ProLaw database, and mass document assembly is possible. The ProLaw system permits conditional text based on matter or contact information. Their system integrates with Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word.

  • DirectLaw. The DirectLaw system is actually a virtual law firm platform that turns your firm's website into an interactive online law practice. Visitors to your website can input their information, and DirectLaw's document assembly program will assemble all of the forms for you based on the client's responses to the relevant questions. Their system can be used for divorce settlements, estate planning, and other sophisticated legal documents. Once the client completes the requested information, the attorney then reviews the assembled document for any customizations that need to be made before it is provided to the client.

To learn more about online law practice management systems, read Online Law Practice Management Software. To learn about document assembly options that are not built into a law practice management system, read Legal Forms Automation.

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