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Law Practice Management

Law Practice Management helps attorneys with the business aspects of running a law office. Topics covered include financial management, client relations, human resources, legal outsourcing, file management, risk management, time management for lawyers, and other issues in operating and managing a law firm.
  1. Client Relations (4)
  2. Financial Management (7)
  3. Human Resources (7)
  4. Legal Outsourcing (2)
  5. Management Systems (7)
  6. Risk Management (6)
  7. Time Management (2)

Lawyer Trust Account Mistakes - 3 Common Lawyer Trust Account
Mismanaging a trust account can have terrible consequences on a lawyer's career, even sometimes to the point of disbarment. Yet law schools do an abysmal job of training law students on how to handle an IOLTA trust account. Outside of discussing the subject at a theoretical level one day in a law school ethics class, most attorneys receive...

Lawyer Email Scams - How the Nigerian Scam is Used on Lawyers
Email scams are a constant problem, and attorneys are not immune from the risk of being conned. Some of the biggest law firms in the country have been suckered into writing trust account checks or wiring money to bank accounts based on funds they thought had cleared their trust accounts, only to later learn that the check deposited with the law...

Sample Lawyer Email Scams - Examples of Nigerian Scams Targeting Lawyers
The following is a short collection of some of the "Nigerian Scam" emails being sent to lawyers around the country. While this may appear to be an obvious scam to some readers, many attorneys have been successfully conned into depositing forged checks into their trust accounts and then wiring the funds to overseas clients before learning that the check was a forgery.

Legal Outsourcing
One of the growing trends in the legal profession is the outsourcing of legal services through legal process outsourcing (LPO) companies. Whether using the low-cost services of lawyers in India, hiring legal research firms, or using contract attorneys to handle temporary legal projects, a significant amount of legal work is now being performed...

Lawyer Time Management - 3 Essential Tips for Effective Lawye…
Time management for lawyers is one of the most difficult tasks in a busy law practice. Many attorneys are reluctant to consider developing a time management plan, as if it is somehow beneath them. However, having an efficient law practice and a good work/life balance doesn't happen by accident. Smart attorneys implement some kind of time management program into their law practices so they can be …

5 Bad Clients to Avoid Representing
One of the best ways to maintain good relationships with clients is to avoid the bad clients in the first place. There are certain types of people that smart lawyers have learned to avoid representing whenever possible. This doesn't necessarily mean turning down cases where the lawyer disapproves of what the client did. The practice of law often involves representing people who have done really…

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