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Law Office Technology

Law office technology addresses the hardware, software, tools, and equipment used in law firms to make lawyers more efficient, organized, and successful. Attorneys can stay on top of law office technology with legal software product reviews, news about hardware tools and mobile devices for lawyers, and updates on applications for android phones, iPhones, and iPads.
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  2. Law Practice Software (12)
  3. Legal Research Tools
  4. Mobility Tools & Apps (6)
  5. Virtual Law Office (VLO) (8)

iPad Apps for Lawyers and Law Firms
Among attorneys using the iPad in their law practices, a number of applications (apps) have emerged as the top iPad apps for lawyers. While some use these apps as part of developing a paperless law office, others use them simply as tools for enabling them to do more of their work remotely or while sitting in a courtroom.

Legal Research System Reviews - User Reviews of Legal Research Software Tools
What makes the legal research system you use the best for practicing law? Which legal research software have you used that you think others should avoid? Share your opinion about the strengths and weaknesses of the legal research tools you have tried by posting a user review. The following list is a directory of the legal research tools that...

Law Firm Newsletters - How to Create a Digital Edition of a Law Firm Newsletter
Law firm newsletters using page-flip technology may become the new trend in law practice marketing. Using digital publishing technology normally...

The Virtual Law Office (VLO)
A growing trend among computer-savvy sole practitioners is to open a "virtual law practice" or "virtual law office" (VLO), where communications with clients happen through a secure online server system. This is sometimes confused with a "virtual office," which generally refers to renting an office mailing address without having a physical...

Reader's Poll - What is the Best Electronic Faxing Service for Lawyers?
Does your law firm want to do away with paper faxes, and start receiving faxes by email? The question is not whether or not you should go paperless, the question is which service you should choose to provide the service. Take a look at the results of our reader's poll, and/or cast your own vote for the best electronic faxing service.

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