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BlueToad - Digital Publishing with Flip-Page Technology


BlueToad - Digital Publishing with Flip-Page Technology

BlueToad, a digital publishing company

BlueToad (image used with permission)

Company Name:

BlueToad, Inc., also known as BlueToad™ and BlueToad.com™.


About BlueToad:

BlueToad is an online digital publication company, providing a system to create digital editions of PDF files. PDF files are converted into enhanced digital publications that use flash-based flip-page technology to create an online reading experience similar to the look and feel of a paper publication. Their system also includes interactive features such as hyperlinked urls, email addresses, page links, streaming video and audio, and flash animation. To learn how their system can be used to create a law firm newsletter, read Law Firm Newsletters - How to Create a Digital Edition of a Law Firm Newsletter.

For more information, contact BlueToad at:

BlueToad, Inc.
5323 Millenia Lakes Blvd., Suite 140
Orlando, FL 32839
(407) 992-8744
New Accounts: Sales@BlueToad.com
Customer Support: Support@BlueToad.com

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