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Arizona Statewide Bar Association Directory

Groups Representing the Interests of Lawyers All Across Arizona


This directory lists Arizona Bar Associations representing the interests of groups in the legal profession across the State of Arizona. To find Arizona bar associations for a city, county, or region, see our Arizona Local Bar Associations directory.

1. Arizona State Bar

Arizona State Bar
4201 N. 24th Street, Suite 200
Phoenix, Arizona 85016-6288
Phone: 602-252-4804
Toll Free: 866-482-9227
Fax: 602-271-4930
Website: www.azbar.org

2. Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice

Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice
2340 West Ray Road,
Ste 1, Chandler, AZ 85224-3516
Phone: 480-812-1700
Fax: 480-812-1736
Website: http://www.aacj.org/

3. Arizona Women Lawyers Association

Arizona Women Lawyers Association
P.O. Box 676
Gilbert, AZ 85299
Phone: (602) 218-5273
Fax: (602) 476-1968
Email: membership@awla-state.org
Website: http://www.awla-maricopa.org/

4. Arizona Black Bar Association

Arizona Black Bar Association
P.O. Box 628
Phoenix, AZ 85001
Phone: (866) 496-3588
Website: http://www.arizonablackbar.org/

5. Los Abogados Hispanic Bar Association

Los Abogados Hispanic Bar Association
560 W. Brown Road, 3rd Floor Mesa AZ 85201
Phone: (480)344-4066
Fax: (480)733-3748
Email: salongaro@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.losabogados.org/

6. Navajo Nation Bar Association

Najavo Nation Bar Association
Karigan Prof. Bldg., Suite 116A
100 Mt. Taylor Rd., Hwy 264
St. Michaels, Arizona 86511
Phone: (928) 871-2211
Fax: (928) 871-2229
Email: nnba@navajolaw.org
Website: http://www.navajolaw.org/

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