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Law Firm Newsletters - How to Create a Digital Edition of a Law Firm Newsletter

Page-flip technology used by online magazines raises the bar for newsletters


Make your law firm newsletter stand out from the crowd by using page-flip technology to create a digital edition.

The law firm newsletter is a popular marketing tool used by lawyers. The traditional law firm newsletter was printed on paper and distributed through the mail to a lawyer's mailing list, and most lawyers still rely on this system. Some lawyers have moved their newsletter distribution to email, periodically sending out a pdf version of their newsletter to their subscriber list as a way to cut costs. And many attorneys have abandoned the newsletter approach altogether, opting to blog or post articles on their law firm's website instead. Now it appears there is another choice in how to create a law firm newsletter.

Attorney Corinne Tampas recently decided to take an innovative approach to her law practice newsletter. After looking at the costs to print and mail newsletters, she began brainstorming on ways to distribute an electronic newsletter in an affordable format that readers would enjoy. She knew that some magazines distribute a digital edition of their publication through "page-flip technology," in which the experience of reading the magazine online is similar to flipping the pages of a magazine. She decided to see if she could replicate that with a law firm newsletter.

The result of Tampas's experiment is A More Definitive Statement ™ , located at http://www.moredefinitivestatement.com. A More Definitive Statement™ is a quarterly digital law firm newsletter covering a range of topics, which also has a monthly supplement in which Tampas explores a single legal topic in more depth. The newsletter will only be available online in a digital edition using page-flip technology.

To create the page-flip digital edition newsletter, Tampas used a service called BlueToad™. When asked how hard it is to create the newsletter, Tampas said, "It is no more difficult than typing. The process works the same as typing up a newsletter and converting it to a PDF. Then, it's uploaded to BlueToad for processing." Tampas also noted that she is a Mac attorney, "so converting to a PDF is as easy as hitting the print button on a document."

Jessica Aslanian, Director of Sales and Marketing at BlueToad™, said magazines were the early adopters of page-flip technology, but that other types of publications quickly followed. While they now produce a large number of titles that are newsletters, "Ms. Tampas is an early adopter within the legal profession."

Ms. Aslanian also commented that, "Newsletters in particular are a growing segment as more newsletter publishers realize that a Digital Edition is a more robust reading experience than an electronically distributed pdf."

Interestingly, one of the owners of BlueToad™ is an attorney. Paul DeHart is the president of BlueToad™, but also maintains a law practice in Florida. His firm is also developing a digital edition newsletter that will utilize page-flip technology when their newsletter is published.

Lawyers who want to make their law practice newsletter stand out from the crowd should consider using an innovative approach like page-flip technology. When compared to the costs of printing and mailing a newsletter to a large mailing list, the costs of creating a digital newsletter are relatively small. And as more and more people become accustomed to reading publications on devices like Amazon Kindle and the Ipad, the digital edition newsletter will go from being innovative to being the standard.


To learn more about how to write a law firm newsletter, read Six Tips for Creating a Law Firm Newsletter. For more information about ways to market a law practice, visit our section on Law Firm Marketing. And to learn more about the BlueToad™ service used by Corinne Tampas , click here.

Does your law firm produce a newsletter? Have you considered using page-flip technology to put your firm's newsletter on the Internet? Share your thoughts, opinions, and advice in our Forum.

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