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Social Networking and Airline Travel - Legal Consequences and Personal Nuisances

By December 21, 2011

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Anita Ramasastry has an interesting new article on Justia.com called Social Networking and Airline Travel: What the Legal Consequences of an Airline's "Meet and Seat" Program Might Be. In the article, she reviews the potential legal consequences of a new program from KLM Airlines that allows passengers to choose their seats based on the Facebook or LinkedIn social networking profile of the person who would be seated next to them.

While Ms. Ramasastry focused on the potential legal problems such as fictitious profiles, sexual harassers, use by teenagers, racial segregation, or racial profiling, my mind immediately went to a more lawyer-specific problem. Given that so many people believe lawyers to be rude and arrogant, it seems unlikely that someone would choose to sit next to a lawyer unless that person was (a) looking for free legal advice, or (b) was one of those people who likes to rant about the problems in the legal system any time they meet someone connected to it. Either way, it seems like it would make the flight miserable for the attorney.

What are your thoughts about the legal or practical implications of a "Meet and Seat" program on an airline? Is this something you would willingly participate in, or does it sound too invasive and potentially annoying? Do you believe KLM Airlines is creating potential legal problems for themselves when the practical implications of such a program become apparent? Share your thoughts below.


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